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Your Cash Now

If you’re like most structured settlement recipients, your financial situation has changed since you signed those annuity papers. And now you need money to pay off unexpected bills, or to just get through until next payday. Sound about right?

If you need your cash now, then call Pacific Capitalsm. Your preferred status as a structured settlement recipient means you’re pre-approved* to take advantage of all the financial services we have available. With one lump sum payment, cash can be yours right away.

Our personalized cash access options set the pace for ease, flexibility, and value—do things with your structured settlement that you never thought possible, or get your life back on track.

Access the cash you deserve.

Intelligent Options

Your periodic payments make you eligible for unlimited spending power. Move forward with one call to Pacific Capitalsm, where an experienced Funding Manager will provide you with the most valuable funding options based on your personal financial concerns and goals.

  • Buy a New Home
    Nothing gives more pleasure than moving into the home of your dreams. We can help make it happen with the right funding options and fast cash availability.
  • Have a Place to Turn to in an Emergency
    There’s no need to worry about finding the money to solve unforeseen financial burdens anymore. Our Funding Managers are always “on call” to provide you with cash immediately.
  • Find Security That Endures
    Be ready for when your structured settlement payments stop coming. We’ll provide you with maximum cash for the payments you can use now to build a solid financial future for you and your family.

Cash Advance Offer

Pacific Capitalsm offers structured settlement recipients the opportunity to get up to $3,500 in cash right away. Your Preferred Cash Access Advancesm Check can be activated today, and cash can be in your hands almost immediately. We give you the benefit of quick cash access.

What’s the catch? There is none! Since you receive periodic settlement payments, you can take advantage of this cash offer right away.

Call Pacific Capital at 1-800-517-1284, speak to a Funding Specialist about your cash needs, and sign the necessary documents.

  • No credit check
  • No employment check
  • No hidden fees
  • No extra costs
  • No high interest rates


How does selling a structured settlement work?

The process of selling future settlement payments is easy. After you speak with one of our Funding Managers to determine how much cash you want and how much you need to sell to reach that number, Pacific Capitalsm takes care of the rest. Your payment stream will be redirected and you’ll get cash in your hands in a matter of weeks.
How am I eligible to work with Pacific Capital?

If you receive structured settlement annuity payments, you may qualify for Pacific Capital’s financial services. Please call and tell your Funding Manager how much money you want, what you intend to do with your lump sum payment, and demonstrate that your basic living expenses can be covered through other sources of income.
Do I need good credit, or a job, to get money?

No. We can help you get money no matter your financial or occupational situation.
Does Pacific Capital work with all types of annuities?

Unfortunately, Pacific Capital does not work with the following types of annuities: workman’s compensation payments, divorce settlements, child support cases, unemployment benefits, retirement funds, pensions, trust funds, and social security disability insurance payments.
How many future payments can I sell?

The choice is yours. You can sell as many payments as you deem necessary.
How long does it take to get funded?

The time frame varies based on statutory requirements. A typical transaction takes between 60 and 90 days. Depending on your state, some transactions are able to be completed in as little as four weeks.
What are the terms and conditions of the Preferred Cash Access Advancesm Check?

Pacific Capital’s advance programs are subject to confirmation of structured settlement payments on a tax free basis paid over a period of time, the consumer entering into an Assignment Agreement, determination by Pacific Capital that the facts surrounding the consumer’s decision to sell the payments serve as sufficient justification for the Transaction and that the Transaction would likely be approved by a court of competent jurisdiction, the consumer’s periodic payments are not encumbered in any way, the consumer executing and/or providing to Pacific Capital all ancillary documents required by us to process the Transaction, and our underwriting guidelines in effect from time to time.