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Your Cash Now

If you’re like most lottery or prize winners, you didn’t get all the money you won when you went to claim your check. Instead, you were handed a small check and promised about 25 more in the years to come. Sound about right?

If you need that cash now, then call Pacific Capitalsm. Your preferred status as a lottery or prize winner means you’re pre-approved* to take advantage of all the financial services we have available. With one lump sum payment, cash can be at your fingertips in as little as six weeks.

We can even get cash in your hands immediately with our special advance cash options. A check for up to $100,000…$500,000…even $1,000,000 can be delivered to you tomorrow!

Access the cash you deserve.

Intelligent Options

Your lottery or prize win makes you eligible for unlimited spending power. A lump sum payment from Pacific Capitalsm gives you the opportunity to take control of your assets. You should be able to spend and invest your cash as you wish.

  • Pay Off High-Interest Bills
    Don’t fret over sky-high credit card bills anymore. One quick call to us and we’ll help provide a fresh start to your current financial situation.
  • Find Security That Endures
    Prepare for when your lottery or prize payments end, so you can relax and enjoy the years to come. We can provide maximum cash for the winnings you sell now in order to build a solid financial future for you and your family.
  • Reward Yourself
    Life can’t be all work and no play! When you’re ready to take that vacation you’ve always dreamed of, we’re here with easy cash access options—we’re your funding experts.

Cash Offer

Pacific Capitalsm offers lottery and prize winners the opportunity to get cash right away. Your Preferred Cash Accesssm Check can be activated today and cash can be in your hands almost immediately. Use the money however you wish with quick access to cash—you won it, now enjoy it!

What’s the catch? There is none! Since you’re a lottery or prize winner with periodic payments, you can take advantage of this offer right now.

Call Pacific Capital at 1-800-237-3864 to speak to a Funding Specialist about your cash needs.

  • No credit check
  • No employment check
  • No hidden fees
  • No extra costs
  • No high interest rates
  • No payments for up to a year…you pay after you receive your next payment


How does selling future lottery or prize payments work?

The process of selling payments is easy. After you speak with one of our Funding Managers to determine how much cash you want and how much you need to sell to reach that number, Pacific Capitalsm takes care of the rest. Your payment streams will be redirected and you’ll get cash in your hands in a matter of weeks.
How am I eligible to work with Pacific Capital?

If you are a lottery or prize winner and took the annuity option, then you qualify for Pacific Capital’s financial services. We unfortunately cannot work with you if you initially selected the lump sum option.
Do I need good credit, or a job, to get money?

No. We can help you get money no matter your financial or occupational situation.
How much money can I get through Pacific Capital?

Your Funding Manager will work to get you as much money as you need to meet all of your personal financial goals. However, the amount you can get through Pacific Capital does depend on the amount of your remaining lottery or prize payments.
What are the terms and conditions of the Preferred Cash Accesssm Check?

Pacific Capital’s loan program is subject to the consumer’s qualification, completion of application, verification that the consumer is receiving periodic payments, the amount of those payments, that those payments are unencumbered, and Pacific Capital’s underwriting guidelines in effect from time to time. Loans are satisfied from the proceeds of the consumer’s periodic payments. All transactions are subject to state and local laws, accordingly rates and loan amounts may vary.
When do I have to pay back the Preferred Cash Access Check?

You pay back your Preferred Cash Access Check after you receive your next lottery or prize payment. You could have up to one year to repay.